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who i am : leader , team oriented , kinda entrepreneur :) , indie developer college experience : year 1: nothing but enjoying myself until summer year 2 :entered development era , gained so much experience but started from .net year 3: nothing but courses - one hard year year 4: increased oop , software architecture skills & graduation thesis was with turkcell besides avea's ideavea trophy award specialities : one of the first ios developers of turkey but not only ios or mobile oriented , also backend (python &php &..) , database (sql & nosql - mongodb - ) business life : 1 year @vodafone ( a year in business field -not my type , maybe not yet - ) 1.5 year @fizy : backend , front-end (ios) / python+mongodb+php(sometimes)+objective-c nearly 5 months @triodor : fully ios , 3 projects at the sametime present @mobven : learning leading/managing a team of 5 right now , excited about what's upcoming , working on ios , android , backend , somehow windows phone in // to the above Korcan , my family company , started as office guy then sales manager and now more then a sales manager and here's how i see my whole life up-to-now : from the day that i start thinking for my future , i was in to the computers... it was because of my father of course , he made me to use my first computer even when i'm 3 years old.. and my addiction to technology started then.. until college , i have not worked on any programming, but, the addiction started to grow and here i am.. working with many projects at the same time.. even making my own projects for iphone and have some more in my mind for iphone, for just web entertainment and social networks.. it's not all about software development , working for my family company for a long time.. so my future will be the mix of software , health field , development and management side.. for my future , i know where it is headed , it is in the way i want but if you think that you could make it better , you are welcome :)






+90 (535) 513 32 55


Istanbul, Turkey

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I am a Dev Team Lead
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